Amen, Cheers, Pass the Pancakes

I spent a long time over the weekend writing up a post for today. But I realized during the night that I don’t like it. Meh. It’s about trying to be present in the present, not lost in the past or the future. It’s readable, but I’m not feeling it this morning. I even translated it into Spanish. But I don’t think it quite hits the mark.

So, instead, I’ll tell you about the present.

I’m in Washington State, half way through a vacation/visit to my sister and her family. It’s very cold. My niece and nephews have grown from toddlers into 6-foot teenagers. One is in college, two are in high school. Their paternal grandmother is in the ICU with pneumonia and is not expected to recover.

Last year over the holidays in Tamarindo, I promised myself this trip. I kept my promise. But it’s not like I expected. Nothing is like any of us expected. I guess that’s what the blog post I tried to write says, in different words. My parents didn’t come this year. My friends here are keeping their distance. Of course. There are a lot more sick people in this climate than in Tamarindo. And I don’t want to get it now because I don’t want to miss my flight home. All of that said, I so love being hunkered down, cozy by the fire, with no where to rush off to. I think I spent way too many hours of my life rushing places.

The last Christmas I spent in the States was 5 years ago. Pio was with me.

Now, do you see why I have to write blog posts to myself about being present in the present, not lost in the past? Yeah.

Today is Monday. The last Monday in 2020. Everybody says they hope 2021 will be better. That would be awesome. I found a lot of things to love about 2020 but that’s just me. I’ve been lucky. I’ve also been unlucky.

I’m going to drive with my sister and my niece over the mountains to Seattle today. I’m thinking of applying for dual citizenship, and I need to be fingerprinted for an FBI report. I expect it will be a dull read lol but I have to do it. There’s an outlet mall that we all love on the way there. We’re leaving in an hour, and should be back by evening.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again. Before the weekend we’ll be toasting Happy New Year and I may very possibly be attending a funeral. Or not. Next week I give my sister back all the sweaters and fuzzy pants I’ve been wearing, and head back to the land of summer.

So there you have it: a glimpse of the past, the present, and the immediate future. Something is about to happen. I don’t mean today, I mean really soon. I feel it. I hope I like it.

Pass the pancakes.

5 thoughts on “Amen, Cheers, Pass the Pancakes

  1. The past remains a part of us in our hearts and minds The future remains the unknown. They are in our minds. However I find the more I can stay in the present the more at peace I am. Good luck with your dual citizenship and safe travels. Good for you for keeping promise to self!!

  2. I love reading your writing. I feel a strange kinship to you. It’s like you’re my past and my future…just not my present, but I get to live through yours. Wishing your family all the best during these uncertain days ahead. Stay healthy and hopefully I’ll be seeing you in the land of summer this upcoming year. Si Dios quiere! Besos y abrazos.

    • O you bet, girlie! We are definitely connected! I always love hearing from you. You take care of that little tribe of yours and we’ll see each other one of these days with our toes in the sand! Besos y abrazos para todos!!

  3. Hi Tina! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! Do you use whatsapp? You could call me any time on whatsapp. We could video call–that would be fun! I don’t want to post my phone number, but if you email me, I’ll give you my # and you can call me with whatsapp. It’s like facetime but for any type of phone and it’s free. Pura vida!! lol

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