Remember Barbara Struncova

Please help yourself to this free PDF of the story of the disappearance of my friend, Barbabra Struncova.
All of the names in the story have been changed except for Barbara’s.
Read “Remember Barbara” on-line
Read or download PDF Remember Barbara
Share it freely.
Pray for justice.

Por favor sírvase leer o bajar, gratuitamente, la historia de mi amiga Bárbara Struncova.
Todos los nombres han sido cambiados menos el de Bárbara.
Compartela libremente.
Reze para la justicia.
Leer o bajar PDF Recordando a Barbara

Barbara at the beach. July 2010

Barbara at the beach. July 2010

* * * * *

Crimson Flag of Silence


We will raise for you
a monument of words.
We will build a tower
to the sky here
in this city of Babel
where all the voices
gather into one language
speaking your name,

We will not be
We will pile word
upon word up
to the doorstep of God,
constructing for you a fortress
a mountain
an indestructible testament that we have
not imagined your life
or your death.

From its highest pinnacle we will
fly the crimson flag of
your silence.

5 thoughts on “Remember Barbara Struncova

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  3. I understand your grief and pain.
    Sometimes it seems families give up. i see families They leave it to God/Jesus. As the Word says vengenance is. mine. We do not watch and wait. Down the road you will see what Almighty Father does. It is far worse than what we as humans can do in any court. Prayers to You. There is Wonderful Eternal Life at the end. We get up everyday and keep on going. We live for the lost as they cannot. They say these Ulmer people are called Narcassists. That is the only sense i see. As they wear a costume mask. Looking like angels of light and charming, wonderful people but what you see after they take off the mask is a horrible angry ugly clown faces with viscious teeth.
    You see the real face possible a devil or demon? Who knows? I can only say i wait on Almighty Father God. The wrongs will be righted one day soon. We see as looking through a tunnel. We see limited. Prayers to You. Justice will come one day.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Thank you for your kind words. I was lucky enough to call Barbara my friend and I will never ever forget her. I will never accept the way she disappeared and I will always pray for justice.

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