Marry a Mennonite Boy and Make Pie


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This book maybe be classifiable as a “coming of age” story, but it is not about how to leap out of the nest and fly.
It’s about realizing you have tumbled out and your points of reference are not where they belong.

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Editorial Reviews

“Marry a Mennonite Boy and Make Pie is a funny, moving, insightful memoir about early adulthood and the struggle to reconcile Mennonite identity with one’s encounters with the World. It depicts the kind of narrative shared by so many Mennonites in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, told honestly and unashamedly.”

–Daniel Shank Cruz, Utica College

“There comes a time when each of us need to decide just how close or how distant we need to be from the world of our childhood to become what feels true for our adult selves. This book perfectly captures that time.”
–Sherri Klassen, University of Toronto

“Diana Zimmerman exposes the emotions that accompany the coming-of-age struggles of a Mennonite woman who eagerly seeks to learn about the diverse and multicultural world that becomes her new reality. That struggle eventually finds a peaceful haven in connections with others who are on the same journey as they face, together, a future filled with new discoveries.”
–Lauren Friesen, PhD, University of Michigan

“Diana writes an entertaining, honest, coming to age memoir of a young woman who struggles to honor her TRUTH in the midst of the ever-present Mennonite culture. While some people never chose to leave the ‘safe and certain’ Mennonite Culture, Diana earnestly claws her way through to her own truth.”
–Victoria L. Creighton, Clinical Director, Pine River Institute

“Diana Zimmerman’s literary snapshots bring a lost world to life. Standing on the brink of the Internet era, her youthful characters struggle with faith, friendship, and the future in ways that are hard to imagine now, except through a book like this. A consummate act of memory.”
–Sofia Samatar, author of A Stranger in Olondria