The Dumb Broom Man (from “When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder”)

(from When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder, a memoir.  Release date:  August 19, 2014, eLectio Publishing.)

Outside on the porch is the milk box. It’s gray metal with a lid that opens and shuts. It has to stay shut so kitties don’t get trapped in there. The Milk Man comes and puts full milks in the milk box. Mommy puts the empty ones in there at night and then she gets the full ones back out in the morning. I don’t even know what The Milk Man looks like because he comes so early in the morning the sun isn’t up and I’m not awake yet.

Who I do see is The Broom Man. The Broom Man sells brooms. If you don’t know The Broom Man, you have to go to the store when you want a broom but The Broom Man knows us, so he brings them to our house. The Broom Man’s deaf and dumb.

It isn’t nice to call people dumb but this is a different kind of dumb that means you can’t talk. I like The Broom Man because he’s nice and he always gives me a yellow butterscotch sucking-candy. I feel sorry for him because he can’t hear and he can’t talk and everyone says he’s dumb. It isn’t that kind of dumb, but still, everyone says it and he can’t even hear them. I wonder if he knows people say that. Anyway, it would be hard to be smart if you can’t hear anything.

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