April 23, 1980: Neil Hates Me

Straight from the red diary of the little girl who tells the tales in
When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder:  Tales From a Mennonite Childhood.
Click the title for the link to buy.

April 23, 1980
Today our class went in to the H.C Bergard school to hear a conserd. Now I am sure that Neil hates me. But I still like him. I mean it’s just written all over his face that he hates me. We have a unit about bike safety in school, it’s fun.  And tonight I was deid tired, but I still had to do some homework.

April 25, 1980
Yesterday we went to Uncle Earl’s house. We stayed over night so Daddy uncle Earl and Roger could go turkey hunting. My bike is just an itty-bitty little thing and way too small for me but I have to make do with it. Mitchell has a three speed and it’s just a little bit too small for me and it’s just a little bit too big for Mitchell. I had fun on that

May 1, 1980
Bobby L. went to the hostpittle so Karen stayed over night last ngiht. I had a party for Karen Wanda and Yvonne. Karen and Wanda liked the party so they threw dandielions all over me for it. It was a really nice and hot and sunny day then it had to rain. I was really mad! Daddy took us out for ice cream cones. They were good!


Daddy and his three girls on what was probably a Sunday afternoon: Yvonne on the top, me on the side, Wanda in front, mom behind the camera.

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