May 4,1980: Too High For the Bugs!

Straight from the red diary of the little girl who tells the tales in
When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder:  Tales From a Mennonite Childhood.
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May 3, 1980
I was outside almost all day. Roger caught a lamb so I could pet it.

May 4, 1980
This afternoon we hiked up the Gouvener Dick mauntin and we climbed up the tower, I like it on top of the tower because we got all the air the whole way up there and it was too high for the bugs. It was neat!

May 5, 1980
We watched little House on the Prarie. Almonzo said he wanted Laura to be his wife. But Pa said “No.” Almonzo was cross at Pa. Then Almonzo went to Sleepy eye (another town) and later Laura went there when Almonzo was there. We also got our sheep sheered and Oh are they scroney!


Daddy and me riding Ringo in the yard

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