Technical Difficulties

I even had a poem picked out to post this week,  and then I hit a glitch: no Internet connection at home.  No,  not in Costa Rica yet,  still in Washington.  The Universe is clearly preparing me for the place I am going.  Being all proactive and such like,  I called Century Link last week to request that my service contract be terminated on March 21st.  They cut it off the moment I hung up the phone.  I can’t see that this was anything other than a blunder in their part, as I would happily have paid for another 20 days of service.

Anyway.  No Internet.  I have Internet at work, but my computer won’t connect to it.  A nice IT guy explained to me how to “update the driver” on my “wireless card” but to do that I need to, um,  access the Internet.  So.  No luck.

Thank Jesus and the saints for Straight Talk and the unlimited data usage they offer!  Big shout-out to Straight Talk.  Whoot whoot!  So I CAN post this uplifting tale from my phone by poking patiently at letters smaller than my fingers.

I hate typing on my phone.

So the posts may not be so plentiful just now,  but the blog will go on.  I will keep right on talking to myself as usual, and I’ll let you in on the conversation as I am able.

(How can typing on a phone make BOTH hands hurt?  I don’t know,  but it does.)  Pura vida.

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