December 4, 2010: The last day of Barbara Struncova’s life

Six years ago day, was the last day of Barbara Struncova’s life.

If it was a normal day, she woke up early, walked the dog, went to the beach. I hope she did all of her most favorite things. She made plans with a friend to meet the following day at the beach. (When I say “a friend,” I am not referring to myself.  I was not in Costa Rica at the time.)

Barbara and her boyfriend Bill Ulmer were hosting a group of surfers from Barbara’s native Czech Republic.  Six years ago tonight, Barbara and Bill joined them for dinner at a restaurant in their adopted hometown of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Some of the Czech surfers were new friends and some were old friends.

Bill left the group immediately after dinner and went home. One of the 4 roommates who lived with Bill and Barbara remembers Bill being in the house by 7:30 pm.

Barbara stayed out with the group of Czech friends. After dinner, they all went to a bar.

. . .

About an hour after midnight, Barbara’s Czech friends drove her to her home. She got out of the vehicle, and they watch her enter her residence.  This is the last reported sighting of Barbara Struncova, ever.

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