December 6, 2010: Bill Ulmer borrows a board bag and a car

On December 6, 2010, Bill walked into a the surfshop where he often worked, and told the employee on duty that he needed to borrow the largest surf board bag they had. He stated that he needed to go to Junquillal to pick up a board or some things from one of Barbara’s friends. He said that Barbara left him for a new boyfriend, and that she and this new boyfriend had gone to Puerto Viejo, on the other side of the country.  Bill received, on loan, a used surfboard bag that was designed to fit 3 9-11 foot surf boards.  He left the surf shop with it on December 6 and it has never been seen again.

Bill posted something mean on his facebook page about how you never really know a girl until she leaves you, then the real person shows up.

In the afternoon, Bill borrowed a car from a friend.  He told this person that he needed it to take some of Barbara’s things to a friend of hers who would make sure she got them.  This friend was supposedly somewhere nearby like Flamingo or Avellanas.  He received the car in the late afternoon.

It is reasonable to believe that, on the night of December 6, 2010, Bill placed Barbara’s body inside the board bag that he borrowed, placed the bag either in or on the borrowed car, and took them someplace to hide.  Neither the body nor the bag have ever been discovered.  He did not take Barbara’s things anywhere–they remained in her closet.  Documents prepared by the OIJ and presented in a US court of law indicate that large amounts of blood evidence were discovered in the closet of Bill and Barbara’s bedroom.  Traces of blood evidence were also discovered in the form of drag marks that lead from the closet, through the door of the residence and then disappeared.

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