December 16, 2010: Bill Ulmer goes to “look for Barbara”

At some point between December 15 and December 17, 2010, Bill Ulmer went to “look for Barbara.”  He threw some things in a backpack, took an old sleeping bag, and left.

To some people, he said he was going to look for her in Puerto Viejo.
To others, he said he was going to find her in Limon.
He mentioned Jaco as well, which is nowhere near either of those places.

For years I wondered where he went.  Of course he wasn’t really looking for Barbara.  He knows perfectly well where she is.  So why the story about searching?

Now we know:
Bill went on a surf trip to Malpais.  A mutual acquaintance saw him there.  They chatted in the water, and Bill mentioned, before he paddled on, that he was going back home to the USA for Christmas.

This is the only mention Bill made to anyone about the trip that he indeed did make to the USA a few days later.

cut 4

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