March 13 1980: Spring Snow

Preparing for the August 2014 release of When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder, a memoir of a Mennonite early childhood

March 13, 1980

Today Karen Lonecker and I almost went crazy because we both like Neil so much we could have gone histarickel. I have two very voubul stamps they are of the summer olympicks with a swimmer in it we will be boycotting the Moscal summer olympicks.

March 14, 1980

Yesterday it snowed and today school was an hour late we almost didn’t make a few hills. Bus 17 was very late. We have our plege to the flag and our moment of silens a story a math and then spelling game all in the back of the room. We were aloud to work and eat where ever we wanted it was fun. Today I also played out in the snow.  I dug a tunel threw a big snowball, and wrote things in the snow. img0661976

Spring 1976:  Wanda, me and baby Yvonne in the doll crib. (We begged mom to let us put her in there!)

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The Notebook and First Excerpts

Preparing for the August 2014 release of When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder, a memoir of a Mennonite early childhood

I kept the little red notebook that mom gave me on my night stand tucked under my Bible on the shelf below the lamp and the kleneex box.  I can’t say how I came to feel, at the age of nine, that it was important for me to record and remember the things that happened to me or how it was that I knew writing things down was a way of laying them down; of being able to clear my mind and heart for whatever the next day would bring.  But as you will see, I clearly knew all of that.  At nine I was bravely suffering the joyful misery of unrequited love for a boy named Neil in my second grade class. I loved animals, fishing, playing outside and going to school.


I have attempted to leave the spelling as much in tact as auto-correct will allow.  Here is how we will begin:

March 10, 1980

Today I stayed home from school.  I was sick.  We watched Little House On the Praire.  Laura met Almanzo.  Nellie had her own restrant but she didn’t like to cook!

March 11, 1980

Today I went to school for the first time in a week and a day.  We are studying Niagra.  I like Neil.  My teacher is Mrs. Mentzer, sometimes she is nice.  I sit in the back row in school.  My reading book is Lippencot 3:1.  My best friend is Karen.  In school I sit next to Cory Gibble.

My sister Wanda and I, about 1975 wearing dresses mom made for us.
Anyone else remember rick-rack?

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The Red Diary Project

Starting Next Week…

Join me in exploring the brittle pages of my first diaries.  Meet the rambunctious little girl you will meet and learn to love in When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder.

Each week, beginning in July and continuing through September, I will post some excerpts from the diary I begin at the end of When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder and include a picture of myself that would have been taken during the time the book is set.




My Grandpa Brubaker reading to me in  the farm house kitchen.