March 13 1980: Spring Snow

Preparing for the August 2014 release of When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder, a memoir of a Mennonite early childhood

March 13, 1980

Today Karen Lonecker and I almost went crazy because we both like Neil so much we could have gone histarickel. I have two very voubul stamps they are of the summer olympicks with a swimmer in it we will be boycotting the Moscal summer olympicks.

March 14, 1980

Yesterday it snowed and today school was an hour late we almost didn’t make a few hills. Bus 17 was very late. We have our plege to the flag and our moment of silens a story a math and then spelling game all in the back of the room. We were aloud to work and eat where ever we wanted it was fun. Today I also played out in the snow.  I dug a tunel threw a big snowball, and wrote things in the snow. img0661976

Spring 1976:  Wanda, me and baby Yvonne in the doll crib. (We begged mom to let us put her in there!)

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More diary entries and a new old picture coming next week…

3 thoughts on “March 13 1980: Spring Snow

  1. Hola Diana, I like to follow even though I don’t have much time in July. Wow, these old pictures! Interesting, thanks for sharing with us. Beso, Monika

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