March 15, 1980: Sledding and A Secret Clubhouse

Preparing for the August 2014 release of “When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder”, a memoir of a Mennonite early childhood

March 15, 1980

Today I went outside to play in the snow again it was a lot better sledding. I went down the hill got to the bottem hit the bump flew up in the air came down again hit another bump and smack right into a wire fence! Then I stopped.

March 16, 1980

This past week we had revivle meetings at our church. Roy Kizer was the Evanglist. Today I made Wanda a butten neckless for her birthday. We have a club Kristen and Emily and I, called a DYNAMITE club. We have a clubhouse in the barn and no one else can go there. I have 12 penpals.

March 17, 1980

Today I helped daddy in the chicken house. We wached Little House on the Praire Laura got a test on history but Nellie hadn’t given her the history book, she got mad and threw Nellie in the muddy water, they both got very muddy. Almonzo came and resqued Laura, Laura went to Almonzo’s house. Pa came and gave Almonzo two good punches.


Wanda and me monkeying around with our tired Daddy
in the farmhouse kitchen before the remodel.


Read an preview of the When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder at

More diary entries and a new old picture coming next week…

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