First Days of April 1980: “The Ghost on Saturday Night”

Meet the little girl who narrates
When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood”
coming next week from eLectio Publishing.

April 2, 1980
Today in school I was sitting in my seat doing my work and Neil came up to me holding a book and said “Do you like books?”  And I said “yes.”  And he layed a book on my desk and told me I could read it, it was called The Ghost On Saturday Night.  I said I would take it.

April 3, 1980
Today we didn’t have any school.  So we went to Grandma Zimmerman’s house all day.  I rode her Big wheel and I played with a thing that looked like this (in the journal follow three attempts I made to draw it).  And you hit the bottem up and a ball poped out like this (another drawing)  I got 100 caches and 6 misses.

 April 4, 1980
Today in the morning I heped mommy clean.  Then mommy boiled 12 eggs and we colored them.  We boiled them so the colors dind’t run.   We hid them then.  It was fun.

 img008about 1975
Our mom would pack “picnic” lunches for Wanda (left) and me (right) in paper bags from the drugstore and we could eat them where ever we wanted.  It looks like time we are in the living room on the floor beside the couch, pre-carpet era.


Read an preview of the When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood at

More diary entries and a new old picture next week…

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