March 29, 1980: Easter Eggs, Yvonne’s Birthday and More Unrequited Love

 Meet the little girl who narrates
When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood”
coming in two weeks from eLectio Publishing.

March 29, 1980
Tonight we went to Bob Brubaker’s house his boy Bobby is in my school class Bobby’s big sister is in 4th grade she is the most beauitiful and mannerly and creative and kind person I ever saw. Her name is Karen. We had loads of fun we colored Easter eggs when they where boiling hot. Karen’s mother boiled the eggs then she boiled thee eggs in inion leaves they got a pretty rust color. Bobby didn’t feel good tonight.

April 1, 1980
Today I felt so bad becaous Kristen Hope asked Neil if he liked me and he said “Who do you think I am? I don’t like the kid hardly.” Yvonne got her birthday presents a day eairly I gave her a coloring book crayons 4 marbles and a little piece of my tablet. Yvonne got a Big Wheel from Mommy and Daddy. I am going to go to 4-H this summer I am going to tak Horses and Pet Care.


Left to right:  Yvonne, Wanda and me coloring Easter eggs that year in the kitchen. 

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More diary entries and a new old picture coming each week through September…

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