March 20, 1980: A Pet Rock Named Neil

Preparing for the August 2014 release of “When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood”

March 20, 1980

Today after school I went out in the medow and followed 3 streams then one more that run from someone else’s property, that was 4 creeks running together like this. (map) Three of them made a small pond and part of it was swampy. I got a stone from the creek to be my pet rock. I named it Neil. It was very muddy! And when I steped close to the little pond to wash it off, I sunk in to the mud almost to my knee, I tried to pull it out, and I sat right down in the mud. I got up quickly and got my foot out, but then my other foot got stuck. I pulled it out and stood some plase else to wash off Neil.

March 23, 1980

Today I helped daddy in the chicken house. I made a secret hide out behind some hey bals, it’s neat! I menshind to daddy I wanted a pigin bad! So tonight daddy and I went pigin hunting. He got me one. When I went in to show Mommy daddy caught me two more two are gray-blue one is white with brown spots on it’s head and wings. I named the one gray-blue one Charcole and the white one I named Vanalla but I didn’t deside a name for the other gray-blue one.


Me with my kitten Cutie and Wanda with Andrew, hers piously named after the pastor at church.
Find out about Andrew’s (the kitty, not the pastor) grisly fate next month in “When the Roll Is Called a Pyonder.”


Read an preview of the When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood at

More diary entries and a new old picture coming next week…

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