March 25, 1980: Of Mice and Haley’s Comet

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When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood”

March 25, 1980
Today after school I went to Kristen’s house to play. We went out side and David (Kristen’s little brother) started following us. Kristen said “David you’d better not be following us.”  David said he wasn’t, but he was! We knew it too. So we where running away from him in their pinetrees. Then Kristen had to go to bathroom. I hid in the grain room of the chicken house. I saw 3 mice one I saw once and another one I saw 5 times. Then we went and layed on her bed and talked about the boys we like. It was fun.

March 28, 1980
Today in school at work time I did a bunch of reading work book pages 3 math sheets 1 spelling book page 2 handwriting pages and one S.R.A. story. We saw a film it was about Hershey’s Choloclate, from cocoa bean pod in Nigira to candy in our stores in the U.S.A.  My teacher said we could pick what we wanted from a bunch of things one was Meteorites and Metores and another Comets. I had trouble deciding on the two, finly I decied on Comets. I learned a lot. Halley’s Comet can be seen every 75 to 77 years the last time was in 1910 the next time will be 1985 to 1987. A comet’s tail has gases around it, when it goes past the sun the tail get more gases the radetion of the sun makes the whole tail glow with light we can see it from hear. I gave Neil a school picture of me.

thrid grade

The school picture that ungrateful Neil got from me would have been this one:
Third grade, 1980

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More diary entries and a new old picture coming next week…

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