April 5, 1980: Fishing and Playing In The Barn

Meet the little girl who narrates
When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder: Tales From A Mennonite Childhood”
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(In these entries, a young man named Roger has come to stay with our family for a while.  Learn more about who Roger is in “When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder.”)

April 5, 1980
Today I went fishing and the Hope’s came down fishing. One time Roger stole some boards from our club house in the barn and I told him when I got Kristen Hope around hear we’d fix It up. Well Kristen and I went to get our boards back and when we got them there was an open space in the roff of Roger’s hey fort so I went to lower my-self down into the hole. A board broke and a hey bal fell but I was all right. The fishing was great! I cought a lot of fish, first I was fishing for bass but no luck (I used a fishing-fly for the bass). And I decided to fish for sunnys with worms and that was great! I threw in my line and about 5 sec. I got a bite. It was fun.

April 6, 1980
Today we were at Grandma Brubaker’s house all day. I was so hot I felt like I would die (inside). Then I went in Grandma’s room and took my dress of and layed on her bed for a while. I had a good day!

April 7, 1980
Today I fixed up our clubhouse so it was safe. Then I sweept our clubhouse and when I was half done I had a pile of dirt ½ foot high ½ foot long and ½ foot wide. We went to get icecream cones. We watched Little House on the Praire. And Revren Alden got mairied to Anna Craig. Mrs. Olsen tried to stop them from getting married but she didn’t do very well.

* * *
(P.S.  I would like to interject here that this “club house” was high up in the rafters of the barn just under the roof.  My parents almost died when they found out where Kristen and I were playing.)
* * *

img0721980Easter 1980 at Grandma Brubaker’s house
Me reading to my  cousins–apparently either before or after I over heated.

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More diary entries and a new old picture next week…

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