April 1980: New Pets and a Great Big Bass

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When The Roll Is Called A Pyonder:  Tales From a Mennonite Childhood
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April 8, 1980
Today Daddy and I went to a 4-H Club meating, I signed up for Horse Club.  Neil was there too, but he signed up for Rocketry. We had about 1,000,000 blanks to fill in with all sorts of dumb questions and answers. Mrs. Alen is the leader of Horses. She is our neighbor.

April 9, 1980
I have the pet pigoens Ashes and Charcoal and Vanala.  Ashes and Charcoal are both blue-gray but I can tell them apart because Charcoal has a little bit of white in the very back in between it’s wings (drawing) and Ashes doesn’t.  Vanala is easy to tell apart from the others in fact if someone couldn’t I think there crazy, because Ashes and Charcoal are blue-gray and Vanala is white.

April 10, 1980
Today we only had a haulf a day of school. And so Roger and I went fishing Roger caught a bass 16 inches long (drawing) and 4 inches wide (drawing). The fishing was souper!


img003Spring 1980.
This is a trout that I caught in my uncle’s pond.  At 10 years old I was very enamored of fishing!

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(And now let us join in a  rousing rendition of …”When the Roll Is Called A Pyonder!”)


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